Coalition for Empowered Education

We are a Multi-Ethnic Coalition of parents, educators, and concerned citizens who oppose dogmatic, politicized agendas in K-12 education across the country.

The Coalition for Empowered Education supports pluralistic Ethnic Studies and counters the spread of radical agendas in the classrooms.

What is Ethnic Studies?

A pedagogically sound Ethnic Studies course promotes respect and understanding among students by teaching about ethnic groups’ diverse histories, cultures, obstacles faced, and contributions made to our nation. Unfortunately, instead, many schools around the country are inculcating kids in “critical consciousness” training, i.e., the supposed ability to see hidden systems of oppression everywhere around them.

The California state legislature instituted a mandate that every California high school student take a class in Ethnic Studies to graduate but did not define the approach. This led to many problem curricula, including several advanced by far-left groups which extol radical “role models” and omit civil rights leaders like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many states are currently following California’s example with Ethnic Studies and other curriculum legislation.